Packaging design

Packaging design was made for the complete range of Adimes products. The packaging was printed in flexo and offset technology


customer's Requirements

Adimes is a company that produces and package processed meat products with an ambition to become a global leader in its sector. The company needed to rebrand itself and to visually connect all products from different processed meat categories. One of the client’s requirements was to do this while making financial savings and using small number of color alterations that will be applied for different packaging tubes. In addition, packaging colors had to follow already established standards for marking meat products of the same or similar type.

project Approach

The first step was to develop a common element for diverse packaging types for chicken, pork and beef products.

Design Development

Adimes package their processed meat products in three different packaging types – polyamide tubes, vacuum packaging and bulk packaging for fermented products. We created unique shape as a common theme for all packaging types for customers to easily recognize products and associate them with the company name. Then, we applied different colors to differentiate product groups. Warm yellow was used for chicken, dark red for pork, green for lamb, and black on paper labels. We also used photos to help customers visualize the product.

name of the product
product category
name of the product

To make the product visually closer to the traditional look and homemade production, we chose hand-written font style.

product category

Background Colors and Pattern

We created several background packaging patterns as the basis for all products that are packaged in polyamide tubes. We purposely selected colors and patterns to enhance the brand recognition.

The final result

Thanks to the comprehensive work and good visual presentation, conceptual designs were adopted at the first presentation to the client. Through teamwork and constructive consultation with printing companies, the entire Adimes packaging assortment was printed with the highest quality. We present you the final designs and some of the company’s products.

Vacuum packaging

Packaging designes for fresh sausages, hot dogs and fermented sausages. Packaging is printed in flexographic technology.

Polyamide tube packaging

Packaging is printed in flexographic technology.

Paper labels for bulk packagingof fermented products

We created banderols and hanging paperboard for product labeling that are printed in offset technology.