We were engaged by Zorana Milicic who is a fashion designer that makes high-end luxury women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and other garments of haute couture. She asked us to do illustrations and full artwork for her first fashion collection of men and women’s shirts and tops.


client’s Requirements

Zorana wanted us to illustrate shirt applications that will also be combined with her other collection designs. This was part of her branding project to incorporate her designer identity into the collection. Besides women and men shirts, the collection included dresses and modern outfits. She wanted shirt illustrations to connect her fashion designs with her audience, to depicture her vision, forward looking and optimistic outlook.


Through frequent meetings with Zorana, we wanted to learn as much as possible about her style, vision, message and goals before we started with our drawings. Our intention was to introduce and connect designer to her clientele so they could better understand Zorana’s character and get a feel for her sophisticated style and fashion appearance through these illustrations.


As always, we started with the end in mind. We spent hours of drawing to get to the image we felt was truly representing client’s style and creativity. We took the risk of showing each drawing to Zorana at the very end as a final illustration, and she was very satisfied with our finished products.

go digital & colorize

The process of transferring final drawings to computer sketches is challenging as much as drawing itself. After that begins creative coloring and shading. This was successfully accomplished thanks to the skillful hand of our illustrator.