Print design / branding

corporate Catalog and set of promo materials

In order to make a creative breakthrough in visual communication, we were engaged by Central Road Laboratory to design a corporate catalog as well as some promotional materials and print collaterals.


client's Requirements

CRL wanted to refresh their old design with an updated modern look that matched the level of work that they deliver to their clients. The idea was to develop a completely new concept for future visual company appearance inspired by their already recognizable logo. They wanted their collaterals to be visually connected, have a professional look, and emphasize company’s strengths.


When our client set a task to visually connect printed materials, we come up with an element that will be applied in the same or similar way throughout all visuals.

catalog design

We highlighted recognizable element on the front page of the catalog by separate UV paint. The complete design is tailored to print in two colors, black and red.


The catalog is predicted to be bilingual and we made a visual adaption and integration of both languages into content.

promotional set

By applying a common element, we designed a wide set of promotional materials, from paper bags, folders and notebooks with spiral binding to T-shirts. For each of these items we used different photos to illustrate all the differentiators that set CRL apart from their competitors. For the front and rear covers of the notebooks we used protective plastic – juvidur, which not only protects the cover from damage but also gives aesthetic, modern and professional look that represents how CRL approach to their customers.