Packaging redesign

Rebranding the entire range of Illi Company products. The products are divided into two categories: Pasta and Frozen pizza basis.


Clients request

The company's management contacted us with a request that, based on existing packaging designs, we create two new product releases. After our suggestions, the client decided to do a complete package rebranding, requesting that we keep the existing colors, to make sure customers could easily recognize products and brand after packaging redesign.

symbols, colors and new brand mark

First, we wanted to create a new sign that will give visibility to all their products. The key words we focused on were symbols of Vojvodina, region in Serbia, known for its wheat and corn fields. From these elements, the golden color was taken as a symbol that is embellished within the new sign and packaging design.


Slogan was the result of all ideas used to create visual settings for the new logo. “Domaca i fina Illi Testenina” means “Homemade finest Illi pasta”, and in the Serbian language, the slogan rhymes as well.

Application of the brand mark with the packaging design

We wanted to apply new brand image on the package to have the central and dominant figure that emphasizes high product quality. To stimulate customer curiosity, we created a window through which pasta can be seen, with pasta name below and cooking recommendations. Intentionally, left upper part of the package is blank as we wanted to visually highlight new image. We used the back side of packaging for all other required legal elements. We created well recognized packages that are looking more professional, organized and more appealing to the eyes of customers.

Pasta packaging - the whole range of products

Illi pasta stands out amongst other brands thanks to the sign stand by shelves. We wanted to help customers to make a choice when buying a particular product, and we designed packaging to visually underline product name, with the same name position on the package amongst all product varieties.

Pasta from whole-wheat flour

We wanted to integrate old design components with new packaging. From the previous design, we kept the surface color for pasta made from wheat flour red, and for pasta from the whole-wheat flour blue. Other packaging elements such as color and position are the same for both integrated and wheat pasta.

frozen pizza bases

The bases of the frozen pizza original packaging design were visually the same as for pasta. Since these are two different groups of products, we wanted to separate them with distinctive design. We created this packaging for pizza. We used black to highlight premium quality ranking, and a live photo to awaken hunger amongst potential customers.

Ready in 25 minutes

We designed packaging so that all relevant information related to the preparation appears on the front of the pack. The back includes all legal information, along with suggestions for three pizza recipes.

packaging 2 in 1

The flexographic printing plates for packing of 200g are used for the packing of 400g 2in1. The mutation was only in black plate and thus created cost savings in printing stage.