logo design

In Serbian, Plemic means a Nobleman. Plemic is a family owned company that operates in agroindustry and produces diversity of high quality goods, from fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, to products such as jam, ajvar (a savory roasted red pepper and eggplant dish),rakija (a strong, traditional drink made from fermented fruit), etc. Through this logo design and branding project, we wanted to present the company exactly as we see them - strong, traditional and flourishing.


client's Requirements

The client had a great trust in our creativity and gave us extensive freedom to design their logo and develop brand identity. The only requirement they had was for the company logo to be simple and clear, as the attribute associated to agribusiness. The first usage of the logo was supposed to be on the labels for Rakija drink made of quinces.


We looked for the basic logo elements in symbols like crown, sword and shield, and portrayed them with suitable typography.

modified serif font

His royal Majesty, logo the first

We designed two logo versions that match a widespread use and a sign that can be used in combination with the product name. Depending on needs, defined colors for use are gold and black.