Print design

EU Ipa funds brochure

United Nations High Commissioner Office for Refugees (UNHCR) is the UN Refugee Agency that helps refugees worldwide. The Agency initiated an EU IPA FUNDS project which goal was to provide housing solutions for 16,780 displaced families across Serbia that lost their homes through the war and received the support to build a new home. The UNHCR wanted to promote the project through a brochure that would tell some of these stories.


Client’s requirements

The UNHCR wanted to tell stories of some of the beneficiaries who received the support and assistance through construction materials, dependency reduction grants, and prefabricated houses and condos. The central requirements were to respect UNHCR branding standards and their basic color palette.


We created a modern looking brochure, built around the idea of a key. UNHCR provided roof for 16,780 families, and the day each family received the key to their new home was a very special and important day in their lives. The key has served as a symbol for a new and better life for all the people affected by war. Keeping everything cohesive and pushing brand elements, we designed a high quality brochure that tells these moving stories.

brochure design

The slogan for this campaign was “Tailor-made housing solutions”, where four different types of help were provided to families. We designed the brochure emphasizing each type of support through different stories of these families. We intentionally used photos as the story highlights, to create an effect where the story will be told without words.

Cover with flap and window

We designed unique cover with a flap and window. The key is the symbol of new beginnings and window to a better life. We created an eye-catching view through the key that is seen when the brochure is closed and shows the setting of the new house.


The brochure is made to be bilingual and we visually adjusted content to both languages.

5 chapters, 13 life stories

The brochure includes thirteen touching stories of families who thanked UNHCR end EU funds for helping them and forever changing their lives. We created 5 chapters to gather these stories depending on the type of help that was provided.